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22 February 2017
New Silk Road Expedition

Mission with the cultural, explorational and andventure travel background that intends to support the promotion of the countries lying along the route of the expedition. Support positive international relations. Refreshing historical significance, ideas and influences of the old Silk Road.


17 February 2017
"Silk and Spices 2017" Festival in Bukhara

On May 26-28 the ancient Bukhara will host XVI "Silk and spices" Festival. In the framework of the Festival it is planned to organize many interesting events. The guests of festival will be welcomed to taste dishes of local cuisine and may purchase traditional uzbek craftwork, they will be able to fully experience the atmosphere of oriental carnival ad parade of bright colors and beauty.


03 August 2016
The Ambassadors will disclose secrets of Uzbek cuisine

Association of cooks of Uzbekistan together with the Department of diplomatic services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will organize "My favourite Uzbek dish" Festival on September 10, 2016 in "Khon Balik" recreation area. The singularity of this festival is that its program will include the competition to designate the best cooking of Uzbek dish.


02 August 2016
The city-museum of Bukhara

The majority of foreign tourists traveling to Uzbekistan, prefer to stay in Bukhara longer than in other regions of the country. This is due to a compact arrangement of a large number of landmarks and continuous improvement of tourist infrastructure.


30 July 2016
5 must-see minarets in Uzbekistan

A peculiar hallmark of Uzbekistan is the monuments of architecture - high minarets, which can be seen in all the ancient cities of the country. We offer to your attention the TOP 5 major minarets in Uzbekistan.