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30 July 2016
5 must-see minarets in Uzbekistan

TOP 5 Highest Minarets in Uzbekistan

A peculiar hallmark of Uzbekistan is the monuments of architecture - high minarets, which can be seen in all the ancient cities of the country. We offer to your attention the TOP 5 major minarets in Uzbekistan.

The highest minaret Kutlug Temur of 59.9 m high is located in Urganch, Khorazm region. It is the tallest monument in Central Asia. Having a conical form, the minaret thins up to the top, and is divided byeighteen belts, painted with ornament and three inscriptions in kufi. The minaret has a spiral staircase of 145 steps, to get to which was possible only from the roof of the mosque, which has not been preserved to date.
The second place of the rating goes to the Complex Hazrat Imom minarets. Two slender 54-meter high minarets of the mosque, built in a short time in 2007. The towers have the sturdy foundations and reinforced concrete frames that can withstand the earthquake in 9 points. Right minaret was built by the Khorazm master Ibrohim usto, and the left - Sharif usto from Samarqand.
For many centuries, famous Bukhoro minaret, built in 1127, is respectfully called Kalon, which translates as Big. By its architectural design the minaret at first glance barely differs from other minarets. However, experts say that it is unique. And, perhaps, it is because of its design, which helped the minaret to withstand the most severe test of time.
Minaret of Islam Khodja in Khiva keeps in mind for its light and slim silhouette. It is one meter shorter than the Kalon minaret, but it seems much higher due to its shape. The trunk of Islam Khoja minaret, having a diameter of 9.5 m at the bottom tapers to the top and ends with just a little whisk of the cornice.
The last in Top 5 is the minaret in Vobkent with the height of 39 m. It is one of the most exquisite works of architecture in Uzbekistan of the end of the 12th century. The diameter of the minaret at the bottom is 6.2 m, and at the top – 2.8m.