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22 February 2017
New Silk Road Expedition

International expedition "New Silk Road 2017"

International expedition of Jacek Palkiewicza "New Silk Road 2017" will start in May. Mission with the cultural, explorational and andventure travel background that intends to support the promotion of the countries lying along the route of the expedition. Support positive international relations. Refreshing historical significance, ideas and influences of the old Silk Road.
Based on the ancient Silk Road with addition of New Silk Road and Chinese initiative, amazing project was created with its ideas and objectives going far beyond the simple journey or expedition. Merging the ideas and values of the two "routes" has allowed for the creation of a mission aimed not only at areas of travel but also equily at culture, history, education, international relations, creating a broad foundation of opportunities for economic development, promotion of positive relations between the countries and assist their mutual promotion, development and cooperation.
The New Silk Road 2017 expedition, will cover the route of over 10000 km running through China, Kyrgystan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Poland as a convoy (caravan) of off road cars, as a symbolic reference to the merchant caravans of ancient Silk Road. The route of the expedition covers historical Silk Road extended with possible New Silk Road route. Based on historical grounds, expedition will begin in China ending in Poland (reference to the possible New Silk Road route).