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02 August 2016
The city-museum of Bukhara

 The city-museum of Bukhara has become the most attractive tourist spot

It is estimated that the majority of foreign tourists traveling to Uzbekistan, stay in Bukhara longer than in other regions. For 25 years the number of tourists and volume of services in Bukhara have been grown ten times. This is due to a compact arrangement of a large number of landmarks and continuous improvement oftourist infrastructure.
As in the whole country, Bukhara region focuses on the development of the tourism industry. Tourists from all over the world are attracted by the beautiful nature, rich history and culture, unique traditions and values, distinctive architectural monuments and recreation areas. Peace and stability, the atmosphere of mutual respect, tolerance, solidarity, hospitality and generosity of Uzbek people, modern hotels and recreation areas, as well as high quality services create favorable opportunities for good leisure of travelers.
More than 900 historical and architectural monuments of Bukhara region are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Currently, 38 travel agencies and more than 100 hotels of the region offer their services to 4,500 tourists. From year to year increases the number of tourists arriving in Bukhara region from all over the world, including those from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Japan, South Korea, China, Malaysia.