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14 April 2016
Delicious Week-End. Palove Fest 2016.

Palove Festival 2016 will take place in country restaurant complex Chinara's on April 16, 2016. Palove (plov) for Uzbek people is not just a national dish. First of all, this is a philosophy developed over the centuries. There is a surprising abundance of palove recipes. Each province of Uzbekistan is a unique culinary canvas full of colors and shadows which define the specificity of the taste. Welcome to Palove Fest to taste famous Uzbek dish!


01 April 2016
Architectural Atlas of Bukhara

Knauf Uzbekistan has launched “Architectural Atlas of Bukhara” co-authored with Elizabeth Nekrasova, famous archeologist of Uzbekistan, Candidate for Doctor of Science in Archeology.


29 March 2016
Uzbekistan is one of the top 20 countries with High-Speed Trains

As per the GoEuro's Ranking of High-Speed Trains, Uzbekistan is on the 17th ranking position among other 20 countries. The ranking shows that countries in Asia are the runaway leaders when it comes to high-speed trains.


02 March 2016
Spring, Beauty and Love Week

Art&Fashion Week 2016. Tashkent, March 10-15, 2016. A number of interesting events - fashion shows, festivals, competitions, master classes. The Week will be concluded by a grand defile.


28 February 2016
The Guardian: Recipe of Uzbek Tuy Palov

Real street food: Tuy palov from Tashkent. What is the dish? What's the history? What does it taste like? How it is served? Follow the link to learn all about Uzbek plov.