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27 February 2016
Welcome to Silk and Spices Festival in Bukhara

"Silk & Spices 2016" Festival in Bukhara is a unique opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of Uzbek distinctive traditions, try dishes of national cuisine and see the works of local arti masters who will come to the feast from all parts of Uzbekistan.


26 February 2016
The SCO Summit in Tashkent on June 23-24, 2016

SCO – consolidation of peace and stability in the region. Uzbekistan has been making a worthy contribution to the effectiveness of the organization through the development and implementation of initiatives, related to advancement of international ties, strengthening its regulatory framework, ensuring security and stability.


24 February 2016
Central Asia is on the top of 5 travel destinations for 2016

You’ll absolutely be rewarded for Central Asia travel. With their reputation for hospitality and unique cultural footprint, the countries of Central Asia will remind you why you travel, while offering a fascinating glimpse at a beautiful part of the world most travellers have yet to consider.


16 February 2016
The Snow Queen - Bukhara

Oh, you should have seen it! The heavy snow turned golden Bukhara into a fairy snow-white kingdom.The city became a snow fairy kingdom just in one night. Winter magic beautified every street and every house.


12 February 2016
Buongiorno, Milano!

Uzbekistan takes part in «Bit.2016», Milan, Italy. The largest International Travel Fair brings together trade operators from all over the world, a large audience of visitors, travel lovers, television reporters and press.